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How can I enroll to the courses?

To enroll in any course, you must have an account on the academy (the account is free)

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Is registration in the academy free of charge?

Yes, registration is free for both the teacher and the student.

Are all courses paid or free?

Some courses are completely free, others are paid. The course price is determined at the request of the teacher.

Do courses support live sessions?

Yes, most of the courses support the live sessions (zoom meeting) to find out if the course you want to join supports the live sessions or not, the description of the course must be read, if the course does not support the direct classes, you can submit a request to the administration to work on making the live sessions available.

Can I be a teacher on the academy?

Yes, if you have the academic qualifications after making an account on the academy for free, you can apply to become a teacher for apply click here

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